Friday, May 15, 2015

The 5 Most Infuriating Stereotype Maps of the World

Nobody likes to see stereotypes of their country spread and become widespread misunderstandings. Unfortunately, there are a lot of judgemental pricks out there so stereotypes abound, about all of our countries! Of course everybody likes to mock every country aside from their own, but we suggest you be an equal-opportunity jerk and happily bash your own country too! Everyone wins. :)

All stereotypes are based on a kernel of truth, usually kernels that everybody notices and thinks about to themselves, but never says outloud, for fear of being offensive. But is the internet, so who cares! Nobody`s going to know if you laugh and jeer.

This first stereotype map is quite cogent! Every country or area`s stereotype seems right on the money!
Stereotype map of the world

The stereotype map shows the world according to San Franciscans. I am honored to be a member of Canada`s hat!
World stereotype map according to San Francisco

The next map shows how the average American sees the world. This doesn`t seem too far off the mark! :)

Stereotype map: How the average American Sees the World

This is another iteration of the world according to Americans. This one gets bonus points for including Borat!

World stereotype map

Here`s a newer version of the map above. Indonesia=Obama`s schoolmates!! And Brazil= the land of no pubes! :)
The world according to Americans map

If you were offended by the above maps, then please take a chill pill and let yourself laugh! ;) To the rest of you, I hope you found the above maps funny. LIKE, SHARE, or TWEET this page if you did! :) Thanks!

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