Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Map of Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada, after Toronto, and the largest in Quebec province. It has a population of 1,649,519 people in the city proper, and a total of 4,027,100 people in the metropolitan area. That makes it significantly bigger (nearly double) than Vancouver, the third largest metropolitan area.

Quebec is Canada`s main French-speaking province, so Montreal has a majority of native French-speakers. But as the largest city it is also cosmopolitan and therefore has the highest proportion of Anglophones, and speakers of other languages, in Quebec. 56.9% of the city`s population speaks French at home, while 18.6% speak English, and 19.8% speak other languages. While Quebecois people from other cities and towns in Quebec often don`t speak English fluently, in Montreal there is a high percentage of functionally bilingual people.

Here are some maps of Montreal, Quebec for your reference.

The first image is a low detail map of Montreal clearly showing all the main areas and suburbs, as well as the main streets you will likely need to navigate.

Montreal Quebec map

The next map shows more detail including more of the side streets in local neighbourhoods.

Montreal Canada map

This last one is a scan of a Montreal map from a travelguide book. This one shows all the highways which are clearly labelled. If you`re coming in from out of town by car then this might be helpful.

Plan de Montreal - Montreal map

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