Monday, May 4, 2015

Los Angeles Transportation Maps

If you are looking for Los Angeles transportation maps then you will find what you need right here. Los Angeles is a massive sprawling city where most people rely on their cars to get around, resulting in long commutes and sometimes huge traffic jams. Californians are quick to blame this on the poor public transportation system in the Los Angeles area. Many of them say that the buses are frequently late or no-show, the real life schedule doesn`t match that on the website, there aren`t enough stations and routes, and rules are not enforced on the metro, making it chaotic and dangerous for certain passengers.

Despite that, the L.A. metro system is a tremendous help to many people every day, and with new rail lines and stations in the works for 2020, the system should be getting better and better (I hope at least!). You can get an all-day metro pass for around $3 USD, so it`s definitely a great value for those without a car or money to burn on taxis.

This is a map of the Los Angeles transportation system, including the Metro Bus and Metro Rail systems.

map of los angeles metro trains and buses

This next map shows the Los Angeles metro train system, with the existing lines and stations in dark print and the planned lines and stations in light print (which should be ready by 2020).
map of los angeles metro - current and projected

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