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Maps of Bristol, England, United Kingdom

If you`re looking around for a map of Bristol, England, then you won`t have to look any further than this page they are! Bristol is both a city and a county in southern England, the sixth largest city in England and the eighth largest in all of the UK. Like many of the UK`s large towns, it is a port city. It was from here that many important voyages to the New World departed. 

While import and export by sea used to be Bristol`s main economic activity, today it is active in the areas of media, information technology, defence, aerospace, and the financial services. Like many cities in the UK, it also has a fairly large tourist economy,

In terms of demographics, Bristol is 84% white (British-born whites making up 78%), while blacks comprise 6%, Asians 5.5%, 3.6% are mixed race, and around 1% are other.

The first map is a great detailed one showing all the main streets, hotels, and attractions in downtown Bristol.

Map of central Bristol with hotels and tourist attractions

The next map of Bristol is a general one showing the neighbourhoods around the town.

map of Bristol neighbourhoods

This is my favorite Bristol map, showing all the main streets, neighbourhoods, and attractions downtown.

Detailed map of Bristol, England, UK

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