Monday, May 11, 2015

Maps of Tijuana, Mexico

Do you need some maps of Tijuana, Mexico? Well, here they are. :) Tijuana is visited as much as it used to be, because Americans are worried about the violent drug gangs in Mexico. But if you stay aware of the current situation and take reasonable precautions, then Tijuana is still a great place to visit - especially if you find the stability of California boring!

Tijuana City has a population of 1,300,983. Tijuana`s metropolitan area is interesting, because it is an international one! San Diego and Tijuana and their suburbs are part of the same conurbation, or metropolitan sprawl, with San Diego on the American side of the border and Tijuana on the Mexican side of the border. The total population of the entire binational conurbation is 4,922,723, Such binational conurbations are not uncommon, but Tijuana-San Diego is one of the largest in the world. There is a lot of interaction between the two sides of the metro area, with 40 million people crossing every year. That makes San Yisdro/El Chapparai the busiest border crossing in the world.

If we count only the Mexican side of the metropolitan area, the population is 1,751,302.

Here are some Tijuana maps to help you get acquainted with the area.

Tijuana map

Simple map of Tijuana, Mexico

map of Tijuana area, Mexico

Tijuana is just a stone`s throw away from the United States, especially Southern California, so it would be a shame if you never made the short journey to visit it. I hope the above maps give you a good idea of the layout and the area!

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