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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Map of US-Mexico Border Fence

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One of President Donald Trump's campaign promises was to "Build the Wall", referring to a security wall on the US-Mexican border. The main reason for this was to prevent illegal immigrants (or "undocumented migrants" as some say) from entering the country from Mexico. Was Trump the first person to suggest a wall on the border? No, not really. Maybe he wants to make a bigger, taller, stronger one or something, but there is already an existing border fence along many parts of the US-Mexico border. 

Map of US-Mexico wall

US-Mexico border wall map

You can see that there is already a fence along most of the Mexican border with California, part of the border with Arizona, a little bit of the border with New Mexico, and a very little bit of the border with Texas.

This map shows the areas that have NO fence or wall at all:

Mexico wall map

From this map we can see which areas that Trump wants to focus on building a wall (or fence?) for. Previous US presidents have found it not so necessary to build in these areas, because of the low population in those areas. But I know that if I wanted to cross the border without permission, I would aim for one of those unfenced areas for sure!

There are also some areas which do not have a pedestrian fence, but rather only a low vehicle barrier that indicates where the border is. A person on foot could easily climb over one of those barriers. These vehicles barriers are in more remote areas, while pedestrian fences are in more populated areas and are harder to get past.

Do you think it's necessary to build a fence or wall that covers the entire border?

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Why Do India and Pakistan Hate Each Other?

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India and Pakistan have fought four major wars and have had continued lower level fighting since the countries were created in 1947. In order to understand why they hate each other, we need to know a little of their history. Both India and Pakistan used to be part of a single country under British colonial control: British India.

Map of British India

As you can see, British India also included other areas which are now separate countries too, like Myanmar (formerly Burma), Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

Before independence from the British, the Indian National Congress (who fought for independence) wanted to have one country for all Indians. But Muslims wanted to have a separate country so that they would not be a minority under Hindu rule. The British offered them a separate Muslim country in order to get their support during WWII. After the war when the British prepared to leave India, they tried to make the Muslims and Hindus accept a federation, but instead there was lots of fighting between the two factions and many people were killed. So, India and Pakistan were created through fighting, and bitterness and mutual blame continues to this day.

Might of India and Pakistan 1947 after partition

After partition, the leaders of each state could choose which country to join based on the wishes of their people. In Kashmir, the leader chose to remain independent from both countries, but was invaded by Muslim fighters. He requested the Indian army to come in to help him, and he escaped to India, while India took control of the territory. Since then, the fighting over Kashmir has been continuing to this day. This is one of the reasons for continued bad blood between the two countries.

Map of Kashmir

Do you have any information to add about the conflicts between India and Pakistan?

Friday, September 7, 2018

Is Kurdistan a Country?

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What is Kurdistan? Is it a country? Well, no. There is no independent country called "Kurdistan". The Kurds or Kurdish people are an ethnic group who speak the same language called "Kurdish". They live in an area that includes part of Eastern Turkey, part of Syria, part of Iraq, and part of Iran. In the following map you can see the area the live in:

Map of ares with Kurdish people

The Kurdish people want to have an independent country in these areas and call it "Kurdistan", but of course the countries they live in do not accept this separation. In Iraq there is actually a Kurdish province with some autonomy, but it is not an independent country. Also in Syria the Kurds have also claimed Kurdish autonomy in areas with mostly Kurdish people. In Turkey there is some big fighting between the Turkish military and Kurdish separatist fighters in eastern Turkey.

 Map of Kurdish areas

Will there be a Kurdish country in the future? It's possible that there will a country in some areas, like Iraq because they already have an autonomous area there. In Syria, maybe because there is some chaos there and who knows what the future borders and government will be. But in Turkey I don't think there will ever be a Kurdish country, because Turkey is so much against it. Also in Iran, I don't think it will happen.

Should Kurdistan be an independent country?

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Is Palestine a Country?

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If you watch the news, you have definitely heard about a place called "Palestine", and people called "Palestinians". But maybe you can't find such a place on a map, especially if you live in a Western country. A typical map of the area that you map find is like this:

Map of Israel and occupied territories
The map above shows Israel and the "occupied territories". So where is Palestine? Well, before 1948 this whole area of Israel and the occupied territories was called "Palestine". It was controlled by the British, but there were two main groups of people living there: Arabs, and Jews. Jews of the Zionist movement wanted to create a Jewish country in Palestine because it was the land where the Jewish people originated, while Arabs didn't want this and saw Zionism as a land grab by Jews from other countries.

There was a war, with the Jews fighting against the British and the Jews and Arabs fighting each other. In 1947 the United Nations General Assembly voted for the partition of Palestine into two states: a Jewish state and an Arab state. The Jews reluctantly accepted this, while the Arabs said no to it (which is understandable from their point of view). In 1948 when the British left, the Jews created their state (called the state of Israel), but the Arabs in Palestine didn't create a country because their areas were invaded and occupied by Jordan and Egypt. The area controlled by Jordan became called the West Bank, and the area controlled by Egypt became called the Gaza Strip. Israel conquered these areas in 1967 after the Six Day War, but these areas are now partly under the control of the local Arabs, who call themselves Palestinians.
Map of Westbank and Gaza

Now when people talk about a country by Palestine, they are usually talking about a country for the Arabs of the Westbank and Gaza. There are negotiations between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel to create a Palestinian state (ie. Palestine) in the Westbank and Gaza so that it can exist next to Israel and there can be peace. However, some Palestinians are not happy with only the Westbank and Gaza. They consider the entire area of Israel to be part of Palestine. So, depending on who is talking, "Palestine" might mean all of Israel and the occupied territories, or just the Westbank and Gaza.

In Arab countries and many Muslim countries, Israel does not appear on the map, it is all labelled "Palestine". Like this:

Map of Palestine with no Israel

So is it a country? Well, right not it is not an independent country. Maybe someday it will be an independent country, but right now it is partly controlled by Israel. I think this is good, if Israel and Palestine agree to it and it brings peace.

What do you think? Should Palestine be an independent country?

What is the largest country in the world?

What is the biggest country?
The biggest country in the world is Russia. Exactly how big is Russia? It has a total land area of 17.1 million km², or 6.6121 million square miles. 

Russia exists in the Eurasian continent, sharing land borders with many many countries. It shares land borders with China, North Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and Norway. If we count martime (water) borders, it also borders the United States and Japan.

Simple map of Russia - the largest country in the world

Political map of Russia
It's a common misconception that only the USSR was the largest country in the world, but that after the USSR ended Russia was no longer the largest. But Russia is the largest country, even since the USSR disappeared.

The second largest country in the world is Canada. Its area is 9.985 million km², or 3,855,100 square miles. It is in North America, and shares a border to south with the United States.

Canada - the second largest country on Earth
The third largest country is China, which has an area of 9.597 million km², or 3,700,000 square miles - only slightly smaller than Canada. And who knows ... with China claiming so much maritime area in the South China Sea, maybe China will someday start to claim land in other countries and become bigger than Canada! Though of course much of the world will not recognize any Chinese annexation of other countries' land.

If you have any information to add about Russia, Canada, or China, please add a comment below!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Important Maps of Earthquake in Nepal

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By now you`ve all heard about the earthquakes and even more recent aftershocks in Nepal (which also affected neighboring China and India). The original quake on April 25, 2015 was a 7.8 on the Richter scale, causing thousands of deaths - including the death of 19 on Mount Everest due to an avalanche. The epicenter was in Barpak in the Gorkha region, which is about 80km northwest of Kathmandu. There was heavy devastation in Kathmandu as well.

The more recent aftershocks that took place on May 12 had a magnitude of 7.3. It occurred on the same fault line but further east and closer to the capital of Kathmandu.

This first map shows but the original earthquake, plus the aftershocks clustered around Kathmandu.

Earthquake map of Nepal

This second map is a humanitarian map that indicates the severity of devasation in the areas affected by the earthquake.

Map of Earthquake in Nepal

Here is one more map showing the two series of quakes in central Nepal.

Big map of Earthquake in Nepal

This final map is a fault line map of Nepal. You should study world fault line maps to be informed and stay safe in the event of an earthquake.

This disaster in Nepal is one of the worst in its history. Let`s all pray for the people of Nepal and help suport the relief efforts.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Political Maps of Nepal

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Most people have heard of the country Nepal, though most people don`t have much knowledge of the country and only a handful have actually visited there. But for those who visit, it`s a truly wonderful experience. Out of all the countries I have visited, Nepal has the friendliest people, the most untouched, unglobalized culture, and the cleanest streets of any developing country. It was a very peaceful experience. And on top of that, the temples and historical sites were absolutely beautiful.

Nepal is located in South Asia, in the Himalayan mountain range between India and China. It has a population of 27 million, making it the 41st most highly populated country in the world. It has a much lower population density than India, Bangladesh, and other South Asian countries. The capital city is Kathmandu, which has a population of about 1,000,000. But Kathmandu feels much more like a smaller town than a metropolis of a million people. The size of Nepal is about 147,188 square km (56.827 square miles), which makes it the 95th largest country in the world.

Here are some political maps of Nepal showing the borders, towns and cities.

political nepal map

Map of Nepal

This final map here shows the various administrative regions of Nepal. Most of you have only heard of Kathmandu and Mount Everest, but there are plenty of other places in Nepal.

Map of Nepal Administrative Zones

Nepal is a beautiful country, both in terms of nature, and in terms the people. I hope you have a chance to visit, to meet the locals, and then to get out of the city and experience the beauty of the land.

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The 5 Most Divisive USA Stereotype Maps!

We all love our own state better than the others, which is exactly why it can be so annoying to hear to crazy stereotypes that other other states label you with. Or is there some truth to the stereotypes after all? The rest of the country and maybe even the world seems to think it, after all!

This first USA stereotype map shows the worst element of each state, the "shame" of each state. Air pollution in California, high school graduation rates in Texas, unemployment in Michigan. Nevada -- crime! Hey, so far these all sound accurate and perfectly reflective of reality!

USA stereotype map - your state`s shame

The next USA stereotype map is similar, exposing the dark underbelly of each of the states! Whenever you want to anger and annoy someone from a different state, these are of stereotypes to use!

Negative stereotype map USA

And here is a personality map of the USA. The purple region is certainly accurate in my experience with New Yorkers and people from Jersey! :)
USA personality stereotype map

Some stereotypes are good, which is how this map is allowed to exist. "Most breastfed babies" in Oregon?

USA positive stereotype map

I`m not quite sure whether the next map is positive or negative, but maybe it`s a combination of both!

Both good and bad stereotypes USA
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The 5 Most Infuriating Stereotype Maps of the World

Nobody likes to see stereotypes of their country spread and become widespread misunderstandings. Unfortunately, there are a lot of judgemental pricks out there so stereotypes abound, about all of our countries! Of course everybody likes to mock every country aside from their own, but we suggest you be an equal-opportunity jerk and happily bash your own country too! Everyone wins. :)

All stereotypes are based on a kernel of truth, usually kernels that everybody notices and thinks about to themselves, but never says outloud, for fear of being offensive. But is the internet, so who cares! Nobody`s going to know if you laugh and jeer.

This first stereotype map is quite cogent! Every country or area`s stereotype seems right on the money!
Stereotype map of the world

The stereotype map shows the world according to San Franciscans. I am honored to be a member of Canada`s hat!
World stereotype map according to San Francisco

The next map shows how the average American sees the world. This doesn`t seem too far off the mark! :)

Stereotype map: How the average American Sees the World

This is another iteration of the world according to Americans. This one gets bonus points for including Borat!

World stereotype map

Here`s a newer version of the map above. Indonesia=Obama`s schoolmates!! And Brazil= the land of no pubes! :)
The world according to Americans map

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