Friday, August 1, 2008

Printable Map of the 7 Continents

On this page you can find several printable maps of the 7 continents: North America, Europe, Asia, Eurasia, Australia, South America, and Antarctica. I hope these maps are helpful and educational!

A continent is one of the main large land masses on Earth. Since the shape of the Earth`s land mass is not simple, continents are not identified by any strict criteria but rather by conventional classification. Some pieces of land, of course, are not attached to any major continental land mass but they are categorized as part of nearby continents. Therefore Iceland is considered part of Europe, Madagascar is part of Africa, Japan and Phillipines are in Asia, etc.

The region of Oceania is largely considered to be part of the continent of Australia, while the Malay archipelago is considered part of Asia. These classifications, however are far from being simple or universal.

Click on these maps in order to see a bigger version and be able to download.
Printable map of the 7 continents with each continent's highest peak labelled.
Printable map of the 7 continents with labelled in a different color.

Nice printable map of the 7 continents, with name labels.

Sleak printable map of the 7 different continents all labelled with their names in full.

Printable map of the 7 continents each distinguished by a different bright color.

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