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EWR Newark Airport Terminal Maps

Newark, New Jersey is not only the biggest city in the state of New Jersey, it is also just a stone`s throw away from the Big Apple - New York City, and it has its own major international airport. Much of the passenger traffic passing through EWR (Newark Liberty International Airport) is servicing New York. It is historically important as it was the first major airport to be built in the United States, and today it is the busiest airport servicing the New Jersey-New York City metropolitan area. It`s often said that metro New York has the largest airport in the US, but this is referring to the combined airport system of Newark Liberty, JFK, and LaGuardia airports.

Newark Liberty International airport handles 35.6 million passengers per year, in comparison to 53.3 million at JFK and 27 million at LaGuardia. Above I said that Newark Airport is the busiest in the area, and that was referring to the number of flights, but not the number of passengers. That means that lots of cargo planes take off from Newark.

It`s a large airport with 3 terminals, with rail (Airtrain) connection between them and Newark Penn Station and New York Penn Station. The airport is a mere 15 km from Manhattan and it takes around an hour with the transfer at Newark Penn Station and costs around $15.

Here are a few maps of Newark Airport`s terminals, along with its facilities like parking, train station, and transport links.
Map of Newark airport terminals and rail connections

Newark Terminals A B C parking lots and station

Newark Liberty International airport terminals and transport links

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