Thursday, May 7, 2015

Map of Texas Counties

If you are in need of some maps of Texas showing its counties, then here you are! Now why is the map of Texas such a patchwork quilt? Because Texas has a total of 254 counties, which is more than any other state in the union! 

As you may know, Texas was originally part of Mexico until it gained independence in 1836 and become an independent state (it joined the United States 12 years later). When it was an independent state it consisted of 23 municipalities, which later became the counties of the Texas we know today (though the exact counties have changed a little since then).

The most populous county is Harris County, where Houston is located, with 4,336,853 people. After that, Dallas County is second with 2,480,331 people. Third is Tarrant County, the home of Forth Worth, with 1,911,541 people. To complete the top 10:

Fourth: Bexar, 1,882,834
Fifth: Travis, 1,210,954
Sixth: Collin, 854,778
Seventh: El Paso, 827,718
Eighth: Hidago, 815,996
Ninth: Denton, 728,799
Tenth: Fort Bend, 652,365

Here are some maps of the Texas Counties:

Map of Texas state counties

black white map of texas counties

grey map of texas counties

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