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Political Maps of Nepal

Most people have heard of the country Nepal, though most people don`t have much knowledge of the country and only a handful have actually visited there. But for those who visit, it`s a truly wonderful experience. Out of all the countries I have visited, Nepal has the friendliest people, the most untouched, unglobalized culture, and the cleanest streets of any developing country. It was a very peaceful experience. And on top of that, the temples and historical sites were absolutely beautiful.

Nepal is located in South Asia, in the Himalayan mountain range between India and China. It has a population of 27 million, making it the 41st most highly populated country in the world. It has a much lower population density than India, Bangladesh, and other South Asian countries. The capital city is Kathmandu, which has a population of about 1,000,000. But Kathmandu feels much more like a smaller town than a metropolis of a million people. The size of Nepal is about 147,188 square km (56.827 square miles), which makes it the 95th largest country in the world.

Here are some political maps of Nepal showing the borders, towns and cities.

political nepal map

Map of Nepal

This final map here shows the various administrative regions of Nepal. Most of you have only heard of Kathmandu and Mount Everest, but there are plenty of other places in Nepal.

Map of Nepal Administrative Zones

Nepal is a beautiful country, both in terms of nature, and in terms the people. I hope you have a chance to visit, to meet the locals, and then to get out of the city and experience the beauty of the land.

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