Friday, May 15, 2015

The 5 Most Divisive USA Stereotype Maps!

We all love our own state better than the others, which is exactly why it can be so annoying to hear to crazy stereotypes that other other states label you with. Or is there some truth to the stereotypes after all? The rest of the country and maybe even the world seems to think it, after all!

This first USA stereotype map shows the worst element of each state, the "shame" of each state. Air pollution in California, high school graduation rates in Texas, unemployment in Michigan. Nevada -- crime! Hey, so far these all sound accurate and perfectly reflective of reality!

USA stereotype map - your state`s shame

The next USA stereotype map is similar, exposing the dark underbelly of each of the states! Whenever you want to anger and annoy someone from a different state, these are of stereotypes to use!

Negative stereotype map USA

And here is a personality map of the USA. The purple region is certainly accurate in my experience with New Yorkers and people from Jersey! :)
USA personality stereotype map

Some stereotypes are good, which is how this map is allowed to exist. "Most breastfed babies" in Oregon?

USA positive stereotype map

I`m not quite sure whether the next map is positive or negative, but maybe it`s a combination of both!

Both good and bad stereotypes USA
I hope you either found the above maps funny, or that you got so angry that you punched something and released all that stress! If you liked the above maps, the LIKE, SHARE, or TWEET.

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