Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Toronto Subway and RT Maps

 As the largest city in Canada and the fourth largest in North America, Toronto obviously needs a good metro system. Lots of people complain about Toronto`s subway and RT system being insufficient, but there are plans in the works to expand the system over the next few years. It currently has 69 stations, with 31 new stations under construction and 21 new ones approved for construction. That means the system will almost double in size by the time work is done. Yay! Convenience! And lots of noise and inconvenience until then. :)

Here are some Toronto Subway and RT maps to help you understand the system better and make use of it to navigate Toronto.

First off, here`s a map showing Toronto city above ground, with the city`s Metro lines superimposed. This one is to scale and geographically correct, so it helps you understand exactly where the trains are going.
toronto street map with metro lines

The next two Toronto subway and RT maps show only graphic representations of the subway lines, they are not to scale or geographically accurate. But they are simple and help us to conceptually understand and distinguish between the different lines.

Toronto subway map

toronto metro map

This last map shows the planned extensions to the Torono Metro system for 2020. Only five years to go! Hopefully I`ll be retired and have no need to ride the subway everyday, but if I`m still working then the new line will be a big help!

Map of Toronto`s planned metro lines 2020

I hope the above was useful!

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