Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Three Hard-to-Find Maps of Puebla City, Mexico

The city of Puebla, Mexico is located in Puebla Province, in Central Mexico between Mexico City and Veracruz. It`s one of Mexico`s major Spanish colonial cities and is therefore full of wondrous historical architecture which helped it become chosen to be a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its population is 1,539,819 which makes it the fourth largest city in Mexico, while its metro area has 2,668,347 people. So it is a city where you can see both the old historical "New Spain" as well as a modern bustling Mexican metropolis.

Puebla is located in the Central Mexico highlands, which moderates its climate quite a lot. Its daytime highs are quite consistently warm year round, and its daily lows are quite consistently cool year round. But the summer months are warmer than the winter months, by 5-6 degrees celsius.

Here are some hard-to-find Puebla City maps:

Mapa de la ciudad de Puebla

Map of Puebla City, Mexico

Puebla City, Mexico map

Puebla is a beautiful city full of historical eye candy, so it would be too bad if you couldn`t make the time to visit it even for a short time. It may be off the typical tourist route, but you won`t be disappointed if you come here!

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