Thursday, May 14, 2015

Maps of the World`s Most Dangerous Countries

The world is a dangerous place! Of course there`s no need to spend your entire life paranoid, but it`s important to be informed and know the potential dangers around you. That`s why we decided to post these maps of the world`s most dangerous countries, to show you where you need to be more cautious.

On this first map, the bright green countries are the ones where there is no specific threat, these are generally safe countries. Of course you need to take precautions like you would in any place, but as long as you do that then you will most likely have no big problems. The blue countries require some more caution, and so on. The most danerous ones are dark pink, and it is recommended that you avoid all travel to those countries.

Map of dangerous countries

This next map shows the homicide rate in various countries around the world. The size of the blue dot shows the murder rate relative to the others. And each of the main labelled countries has a number figure, which indicates the number of persons murdered per 100,000. Look at Honduras! 91 homicides per 100,000?! I only know one person from Honduras, and he says that he had to travel around with an armed guard in his home country. Now I know why!

Map of global murder rate

This last map is not strictly about physical danger. It is a map showing risk to business people around the world. That includes both physical danger for visiting business people and expats, but also the reliability of the economy and resources, the level of corruption, the threat of stolen good or fly by night companies that run away without supplying you with what you paid for. It`s an aggregate score of all of those risks for global business people.

Map of global business risk

The world`s a fascinating place, and it`s great to get out there and see it first hand. Just don`t do anything too impulsive, because it`s always important to look into the situation in each country before you go there.

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