Friday, May 1, 2015

Maps of Nottingham, UK

Have a glance down the page to find some useful maps of Nottingham, UK (I assume that`s what you`re after!). Nottingham isn`t the largest city around, in fact it has a small population of 310,837, though its entire urban area has 729,977 people (nothing to sneeze at).

Nottingham is a popular tourist destination in the UK, for its connection with the story of Robin Hood, and for some of its historical sites like its old castle and ancient pubs. Some Robin Hood events are held there a few times a year.

First is a map of Nottingham viewed from far away, showing the surrounding towns in the built-up area. This will give you the big picture and overall layout of Nottingham.
a bird`s eye view of nottingham uk

The next two are road maps of Nottingham, which should be useful for navigating the city on foot or by car, or just becoming more familar with the intracacies of the city.

map of roads in nottingham

Nottingham UK street map

I hope you found the above maps useful! Let us know in the comments below.

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