Thursday, May 7, 2015

Maps of Florida Counties

Florida was the 27th state to join the United States of America in 1845. It currently has 67 counties with a total population of 18,801,301 people. That makes Florida the third most populous state in the USA, after California and Texas. 

The least populous county is Liberty County with a whopping grand total of 8,314 people! Contrast that with the most populous county of Miami-Dade County with 2,554,766. 

The largest county in terms of land mass is Palm Beach County, with 5,268 square km (in the old imperial measurements, that is 2034 square miles). That`s right Americans, you are the ones who fought for Independence from the British Empire, but you are the only ones still using the old British imperial measurement system! But I digress.

Here are some maps of Florida counties for your reference:

Map of Florida`s counties

Map of Florida counties

Florida county map
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