Friday, May 1, 2015

Map of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

If you need a good Newcastle map then have a glance at the maps below. Newcastle is another one of those British city names that rings a bell for people all around the world when they hear it, even though it`s not as evidently famous as London or Manchester. Its full name is Newcastle Upon Tyne, but is usually just called Newcastle. It has a population of 279,100, making it the largest city in the northeast region of England. It`s the center of the Tyneside urban area which has a total population of 879,996. That makes it the eighth largest urban area in the United Kingdom. Newcastle used to be a county all by itself, but now it is part of the Tyne and Wear metropolitan county.

Newcastle is somewhat legendary for its nightlife, with it commonly being called amongst the best party spots in the UK and even in all of Europe. That despite it being not such a huge city.

Here`s a good map of Newcastle, UK with lots of close-up detail. Be sure to click on it so you can zoom closer in on the detail.

great map of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

This next one is a traveler`s guidebook map of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Nice basic map of Newcastle, England

Here`s a great Newcastle map showing all the major roads and landmarks in the city.

Good roads map of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

What do you think of Newcastle? Let me know in the comments below!

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