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Georgia County Map

If you need a map of Georgia counties, then this is most definitely the right page for you to have landed on, `cuz here they are!

Georgia is located in the southeastern United States, just north of Flordia and just east of Alabama, West of South Carolina, and south of Tennessee. It is the ninth most populous state in the USA with a population of 10,097,343 people. It`s the 25th largest state - right in the middle of the list - with a land area size of 153,909 square km (59,425 square miles).

Georgia is comprised of 159 counties. The county with the biggest population is Fulton County, with a population of 996,319 people. That`s the county where most of Atlanta, the largest city in Georgia, is located. The second largest county population is in Gwinnett County, with 877,922 people. It is right next door to Fulton County, and metropolitan Atlanta extends out into Gwinnett County.Third is Cobb County, another suburban county next to Atlanta, with 730,981 people. Fourth on the list is DeKalb County, with a population of 722,161 people. It is also part of metro Atlanta, and 10% of Atlanta City is actually located in DeKalb county.

The fifth most populous county is finally outside of the metro Atlanta area! It`s Chatham County, the location of Savannah, Georgia. It has a population of 283,379.

Here are some maps of Georgia counties for you to check out:

Georgia county map - capital city marked

color map of georgia counties
outline map of Georgia Counties

 Georgia is one of those traditional southern states that still maintains its traditions and unique lifestyle that most Northerners don`t understand! I hope you have a chance to visit sometime in the near future. :)

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