Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Four Excellent Maps of Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara is capital city of the Mexican state Jalisco, and is the second largest city in all of Mexico, if we are counting the metropolitan area and not just individual municipalities (in which case Ecatepec would be number 2 - but it`s part of Metropolitan Mexico City so that would seem strange). Guadalajara city has a population of 1,495,182 people, and the metro area has a population of 4,328,584. 

It`s an amazing city to visit because of its cultural life, including being the capital of Mariachi music, and the holding of international arts and media events. The city also features some amazing cathedrals, monuments, and historical architecture in general. Walking through the area around the Plaza de Armas is like walking through an outdoor museum.

Guadalajara has a humid subtropical climate - but is warmer than most subtropical climates and almost tropical. Its temperature is relatively consistent year-round, with temperatures in the winter being only slightly lower than summer. The real seasonal difference lies in the amount of precipitation, with the rainy season extending from May to October, and the rest of the year being fairly dry. Bring a rain coat if you go during your summer vacation! It might be a better idea to go during your Christmas break!

Here are some maps of Guadalajara, Mexico:

Map of Guadalajara surrounding area

Map of Guadalajara metro area, Mexico

Simple map of central Guadalajara

Large road map of Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara is an important destination if you want to get to know the real Mexico and not just the tourist resorts, without being ovewhelmed by the madness of Mexico City. You can feel the heartbeat of the real Mexico.

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