Monday, December 5, 2011

Turkey Map

In this Turkey map you can see all of the country`s towns and cities as well waterways.

Turkey Map with towns and cities

Out of all the maps of Turkey, this one is the most basic and easiest to print out.

Basic printable map of Turkey

In this map Turkey and all its provinces are visible.

Turkey map of provinces

This is another detailed Turkey map showing roads and geographical features.

Detailed Turkey map

The Republic of Turkey, better known as just "Turkey", is a country located mostly in Western Asia. Part of its territory, however, is located in southeastern Europe, in an area called East Thrace, bordering Greece and Bulgaria. This area inside Europe, which comprises 3% of Turkey`s land mass, includes much of the largest city of Istanbul. Many Turkish citizens view themselves as Europeans rather than Asians or Middle Easterners. But Turkey is often classified as part of the Middle East.

Turkey is bordered to the east by Iran, the southeast by Iraq and Syria, to the northeast by Armenia and Georgia, and to the northwest by Greece and Bulgaria. This geographic position at the crossroads between Europe, the Middle East, and the former USSR has shaped Turkey`s culture and history into what it is today.

The largest city is Istanbul, with a population of around 8.8 million in the city itself, and 13.26 million in the Istanbul metropolitan province. The total population of Turkey is 73,722,988. The capital city of Ankara is located in central Anatolia and has a population of 4.4 million in its metro area.

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