Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Political Map of Europe

Geographically, Europe is a subcontinent of the continent of Eurasia. But politically speaking, and by convention, Europe is considered a continent in and of itself.

Europe is the second smallest continent, with 10,180,000 square kilometers of surface area. There are various definitions of Europe, with some people including countries that other people exclude. For example, Turkey is included in Europe by some people but in Asia and the Middle East by others. Russia, too, has territory in both Europe and Asia so it is hard to classify. But there are around 50 countries in Europe. 27 countries are member states of the European Union, an economic union with countries using the Euro as its common currency.

If you need a political map of Europe, then look down below and you will find one.

Political map of Europe
Europe political map

Here is a Europe political map that is simple and printable.

Low detail printable map of europe
Europe political map with abbreviated country names
Simple Political Map of Europe to print

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