Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Map of Las Vegas

Here you find a map of Las Vegas, showing the entire city center (as opposed to just the Vegas Strip).

Map of Las Vegas
Las Vegas map
New Vegas map

I hope the above map of Las Vegas was useful to you.

Las Vegas is a city in Nevada, in the United States. It is the largest city in Nevada, but is not its capital city (that would be Reno). Las Vegas is one of those infamous cities that sparks up vivid imagery every time its name is mentioned. It is often called the "City of Sin" because of its reputation as a place for various vices, like prostitution, gambling, and wild partying.

Las Vegas is not a huge city, having a population of 583,756. The metropolitan area has a population of 1,951,269. But on the Vegas Strip in its downtown core, Las Vegas is anything but a regular city. It is a year-round resort city, vacation destination, and conference center. On the strip, you see more tourists than you see locals. And many of the residents are not originally from Vegas but have moved from elsewhere to make money in the city`s various industries catering to tourists. Yet the further you venture out from the strip, the more normal Las Vegas becomes.

Other nicknames for Las Vegas include "The Entertainment Capital of the World" and "The Marriage Capital of the World". My own brother got married in Las Vegas two years ago, so it`s a fitting nickname if you ask me!

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