Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Map of Turkey Resorts

This first map of Turkey resorts covers the Turquoise Coast.

Map of Turkey resorts on the Turquoise coast

Here is a map of resorts in southwestern Turkey.

Map of Turkey resorts in southwestern Turkey

This is a fairly complete map of Turkish resorts on the coast.

Map of Turkey`s coastal resorts

Here is a map of Turkey resorts on the Aegean Sea.

Turkey resorts map coast

Resorts may not be what you imagine when you hear the name "Turkey". Due to its status as a Muslim country and its location on the edge of the Middle East, many people`s image of Turkey is that of veils and camels. But southern Turkey is a place full of beach resorts, some of which double as massive party towns.

The oldest and well-known of those resort towns are Bodrum and Marmaris, though they have become quite developed and paved over, losing some of their old natural country charm. Many people recommend the Lycian coast, which is slightly more off the beaten tourist path and has maintained more of its old charm.

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