Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Political Map Of USA

The USA is an interesting political entity because it is a federal union of states, which are all a part of one country but have a large degree of state autonomy. There are 50 states in the union, though that may some day change if a territory of the US such as Peurto Rico or Guam opt pass a referendum to opt into the union. But for now, those 50 states include 48 contiguous states (often referred to as the Continential United States) as well as Hawaii, a state comprised of islands in Polynesia; and Alaska, located near Russian and separated from the Continental US by Canada. Each state in the US has its own state government and elected governor.

Below you can find a USA political map for your studies and reference.

United States political map with states
Political map of USA including Hawaii and Alaska
USA political map with abbreviated state names

Did you choose a good political map of USA up above?

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