Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blank Map of Middle East

Here you can find a blank map of the Middle East for your reference and self study. In some of the maps the country borders are indicated, but the names of the countries and their cities and other features are not indicated.

Maps of the Middle East are not static, and sometimes political changes occur in the Middle East, due to wars and so on. On top of that, some countries or geographic features are referred to by different names depending on who is speaking. For example, Israel is not recognized as a country by many Arabs so Israel is often replaced with "Palestine" on maps produced in Arab countries. And the Persian Gulf, as most Westerners know it, is referred to as "The Arabian Gulf" by Arabs. Keep these kinds of things in mind when deciding how to label your blank maps.

This first map does not include country borders. Ironically, that may actually make your life simpler when it comes time to label the map!

Blank map of the Middle East

It could be said that this map is outdated, because it shows the Westbank (currently occupied by Israel and under partial Palestinian autonomy) as part of Jordan. This hasn`t been the reality since 1967. It also shows the Gaza Strip as part of Egypt.

Blank map of Middle East

The next blank map of the Middle East is not out of date, but you can say its borders related to Israel and Palestine are incomplete. The Westbank and the Gaza Strip are not indicated. In an Arab country, the entire country would be labelled "Palestine" and in Israel, the entire country would be labelled "Israel". In Israel it is actually illegal to produce a commercial map that indicates the boundaries of the Westbank and Gaza.

Small blank map of the Middle East with borders indicated

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