Thursday, December 8, 2011

Maps of Greece

Here are some maps of Greece for your reference and use while traveling.

Hopefully the above maps were useful, because Greece is such a cool place to visit that it would be a shame if you don`t actually end up traveling there.

Greece is located in southeastern Europe, next to Turkey to its east. Greece also shares borders with Albania, FYROM (Macedonia), and Bulgaria. It has coastline on the Aegean Sea to its east, with the Ionian sea to the west, and the Mediterranean to the south. Greece has a total of 13,676 km (or 8498 miles), which is the twelfth longest coastline in the world (even though Greece is only the 96th largest country in the world. That is because of its huge number of islands (in total around 1400, though only 227 have people living on them).

The name "Greece" may arouse images of resorts and party times on the Greek Islands, but 80% of the country is actually mountainous. This is part of the reason it has a small population of just 11,305,118. Around 3,737,550 of those people live in the capital city and principal metropolis of Athens.

The total land area of Greece is 131,990 km2, or 50,944 square miles.

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