Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Map of Paris France

Do you need a map of Paris France? You can choose one down below.

Paris, France is the large city in the country as well as its capital city. The city itself has a population of 2,211,297 people, but if you include the entire metropolitan area the population rises to 12,089,098, making it a huge metropolis indeed. Paris is one of those cities where you can explore forever and still have lots of new things to discover.

Paris was the largest city in the world between the 16th and 19th centuries, and was the largest in the Western World for around one thousand years.

Over the course of a year, Paris can be said to have a mild oceanic climate, with pleasantly warm summers. In the winters, clear and sunny weather is uncommon, and daytime temperatures are generally above freezing but night time temperatures can drop below zero resulting in frost, and the occasionally light dusting of snow.

This Paris France map is rather huge and detailed. With this you should definitely be able to find your way around.

Big map of Paris France

Here is a Map of the Paris metro subway system. It`s one hell of a confusing system so hopefully this map will help you navigate the labrynth!

This is a subway metro map of Paris France

The following is a low resolution version of a Paris France map from Bestcitymaps.com. You can buy a high resolution version from their website if this one is insufficient.

Low resolution map of Paris, France

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