Monday, November 28, 2011

Cologne Map Germany

Print out a Cologne map down below

Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany (number 1 being Berlin, number 2 being Hamburg, and number 3 being Munich), and has a population of 1,010,269 people. It is also the central focal point of the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Area, a densely populated conurbation with more than 10 million people living in it.

Cologne spans the Rhine River. The Rhine River is known to flood up over its banks, making Cologne the most flood-prone city in Europe. Various flood control measures have been put into place in Cologne, including flood walls (both permanent and mobile), forecasting and moitoring systems, water pumping stations, and the creation of floodplains and embankments. It is one of the warmest cities in Germany, with annual average annual high temperature being 14.5 °C.

Here is a simple and printable map of Cologne, Germany

Printable Cologne Map

The following Cologne map features icons representing famous landmarks and tourist attractions. These are, of course, not drawn to scale but they will help you navigate the city because as soon as you see the landmarks you will recognize them.

Cologne map Germany

Cologne is famous for its arts scene, hosting a large number of museuems and galleries. Art lovers and the culturally-inclined will enjoy Cologne both for its cultural scene and historical architecture.

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