Saturday, November 26, 2011

Berlin Metro Map

You can find a good Berlin Subway map and metro map down below

The Berlin U-Bahn is the name of the subway metro system in Germany`s capital city Berlin. The "U" in U-Bahn comes from the word "Underground" which is typically how subways are referred to in Europe. The U-Bahn Berlin Metro began in 1902, and has grown to its present size with 173 stations located on 10 subway lines. Just look at the Berlin U Bahn map, it`s gigantic. Most of the system is found underground.

The U-Bahn is a perfect example of German efficiency in action, with trains every 2 to 5 minutes during the peak rush hours, and every 5 minutes even during the non-peak hours of the daytime, and every 10 minutes at night. Approximately 496 million passengers ride the U-Bahn in a given year. It is therefore the busiest metro system in Germany and one of the biggest in Europe.

Here is a Berlin metro map to aid you in your travels and use of public transportation in Berlin city.

Berlin Subway map

This Berlin metro map will be useful in helping you navigate the maze-like metro system in Germany`s capital city.

Berlin Metro map

Here is a good printable Berlin Underground map

Printable Berlin Underground Map

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