Monday, November 28, 2011

Map of Munich

If you need a good map of Munich for your travels in Germany, then look no further.

With a population of 1.35 million, Munich is the third largest city in Germany, after Berlin and Hamburg. It is the regional capital of Bavaria, located in southeastern Germany. It is known as M√ľnchen in German, a name that`s hard to pronounce for English speakers!

Munich is a popular city rated highly by expatriates. One of the things that makes it so liveable is its vast amounts of green space. Englischer Garten, near central Munich, is one of the world`s largest parks inside a city. It is even bigger than Central Park in New York City, with an area of 3.7 square km.

The city has a fairly mild continental climate, with warm but comfortable summers and moderately cold winters with lows below 0. Because it is so close to the Alps and it is at a fairly high altitude, it gets a lot of precipitation, with typically 10 or so days a month seeing precipitation.

Here is a good street map of Munich for your reference.

Good street map of Munich

This map of downtown Munich shows more detail that you may need.

Map of Munich city center

This map of Munich will increase in size when you click on it.

Detailed map of Munich city with landmarks

I hope the Munich Germany map files up above were useful. Have a look around and see what other maps we have on offer.

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