Saturday, December 17, 2011

Political Map of Asia

Asia is the largest of the world`s continents, and also the one with the biggest population. 60% of the world`s population lives in Asia. It is technically not a continent in geographic terms, but rather a subcontinent of Eurasia. But in political terms it is its own continent, as it is by convention.

Asia is a massive and culturally diverse continent. There is little in common between Jakarta and Tokyo and Riyadh, but all of them are in Asia. More conveninent regional categories exist, such as "Southeast Asia" or "Middle East" or Northeast Asia, which tend to represent more logical cultural groupings and economic partnerships.

Below you can check out a political map of Asia for your reference.

Basic political map of Asia
Nearly blank political map of Asia
Atlas political map of Asia

I hope the Asia political maps above were useful!

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