Saturday, December 3, 2011

Map of Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, better known as simply "Jordan", is an Arab country in the Middle East. It is bordered by Israel and the Westbank to the west, Iraq to the east, Syria to the north, and Saudi Arabia to the south. It is mostly landlocked, though is has access to the Gulf of Aqaba and Red Sea from the port city of Aqaba. It shares no land border with Egypt, but Egypt lies in close proximity to Jordan and is accessible by ferry boat from Jordan.

The capital city of Jordan is Amman, which has a population of approximately 2 million. The national population is 6,407,085.

The whole country, has a an altitude above 300 meters (984 feet), with the exception of the Jordan Rift Valley which leads down to the Dead Sea. The Rift Valley is the hottest part of the country, particularly in winter when its temperatures remain relatively warm. Amman, by contrast, can see snow, and cold temperatures with precipitation are common in the winter. Average daytime winter temperatures are 13 degrees, a far cry from the sweltering desert heat that most Westerners think of when they imagine the Middle East. The summers in Jordan, however, are indeed very hot and dry.

Here you can choose a map of Jordan that suits your needs

Printable map of Jordan
Simple basic map of Jordan

This map of Jordan below is great for tourists because it marks the most important historical sites in the country.
Tourist map of Jordan with tourist sites

I hope the above Jordan maps inspire you to visit the Middle East. It`s a magical place that sparks the imagination.

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