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Catalina Island Map

At the bottom of the page you can find a Santa Catalina Island map to help you plabn your visit to the Californian island.

Santa Catalina Island, California (which is commonly called just "Catalina Island") lies 35 kilometers, or about 22 miles, off the coast of Los Angeles. It`s a rocky island that rises as high as 639 meters tall (that`s 2,097 feet for you Americans). The island is tiny and measures just 74.98 square miles (194.2 km square miles).

The island is inhabited, though the population is a small one of just 3,696. 3127 of those live in the single official town called Avalon. But even though the local population of the island is very small, it actually gets a lot of tourist visitors - approximately one million of them every year. This is partly thanks to its proximity to Los Angeles, and the "Airport in the Sky" ferries that shuttle passengers over from the coast. Those with more money to burn can actually take a helicopter!

The Catalina Island Conservancy maintains the island`s environment and quality of life. Tourists can engage in hiking and mountain biking activities, though they need a permit from the conservancy. The conservation fees involved keep the number of participants low, allowing for both conservation and enjoyment of the outdoor sports of the area.

Catalina Island Map
Catalina Island map
Santa Catalina Island map

I hope the above Catalina Island map images are helpful to you. Check out the archive of destinations labelled "California" for maps and profiles of more places in the area.

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