Friday, December 16, 2011

Blank Map of the United States

A while ago I posted an entry about printable maps of the USA, and one of the most popular maps on that page was a blank map of the United States. So today I decided to gather more maps similar to that one and upload them for your benefit.

People who might benefit from these blank USA maps are students who are studying American geography in school and need to quiz themselves, and also teachers who can use these maps for geography tests and the like. I always had a hard time memorizing the locations of all 50 states, so I wish I could have easily printed out maps like this when I was in highschool. Maybe I would have gotten a better grade in geography!

Below you can choose a blank map of the United States to print out.

Blank map of the United States
Blank map of the continental United States
Gray and blank map of the United States
Blank USA map with thick black borders

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