Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blank Map of North America

North America is the continent located in the Northern Hemisphere, and for the most part located in the Western Hemisphere. Some people think of North America as only Canada and the United States, but it also includes Mexico, the countries of Central America, and the Caribbean including Cuba, and some people include Greenland as part of North America even though it is a territory of Denmark. Though there are many common definitions of North America that include any combination of the above.

If we include all of the above, the population of North America is around 528,720,588, and it has a total land area of 24,709,000 square km (that means 9,540,000 square miles for you Americans). The most commonly spoken languages in North America are English and Spanish, but French is also spoken in some places including the Canadian province of Quebec and is an official language of Canada.

The first blank map of North America and the second show the state and provincial boundaries, but the names of those provinces and states are not indicated.

Blank map of North America with state and provincial borders indicated
Blank map of North America with State and provincial borders

The next two blank North America maps have no state or provincial borders. These are obviously more challenging to fill in.

North America blank map with no state borders
Blank map of North America without regional borders

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