Monday, December 19, 2011

Blank Map of Asia

Asian geography is not typically covered in United States high school curriculum, as far as I know. At least not in great detail. But I do get a lot of emails from people in Canada and Australia and other places who request more maps of Asia. Some of them are studying about Asia in school, and need some study aids like a blank map of Asia. So I decided to upload a small collection of such maps for those people to make use of.

Asia is a huge continent with a lot of countries in it, so you probably can`t just memorize the map of Asia passively. So these blank Asia maps will help you when you practice and quiz yourself, then when time finally comes for your big geography test you will be confident about where all the countries are.

Blank map of Asia with borders indicated
Gray blank Asia map

This map doesn`t quite show all of Asia, it just shows parts of Western Asia (though other parts are cut off) and South Asia (including India and Pakistan), Central Asia and East Asia. Some people don`t think of the Middle East or Western Asia when they say the word "Asia", so maybe this map is all you want. But in the two maps above, all of Asia is included, including the Middle East, etc.

Blank map of South and East Asia

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