Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baltic Sea Map

The Baltic Sea is situated in Northern Europe, bordering the Scandinavian Peninsula, the European mainland, and the islands of Denmark. Around 85 million people live within the vicinity of the Baltic Sea, specifically in its drainage basic. And 15 million people live within 10 km of its coast.

Because of its location in a cold climate, much of the Baltic Sea freezes. On average, each year 45% of the sea`s surface area will be covered by ice. The ice can be as thick as 70 cm (or 28 inches). This makes marine travel very reliant on the use of icebreaker ships. This icy habitat is home to the grey seal and the Baltic ringed seal, which feed underneath the ice and breed on top of the ice. I would love to see these animals in their natural habitat, out there on the ice!

Here you can choose a good Baltic Sea map for your reference.

Printable Baltic Sea map
Baltic Sea map
Map of the Baltic Sea

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