Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Map of Kauai

Have a look for a good map of Kauai below

Geologically speaking, the oldest of the Hawaiian islands is Kauai island, dating back to 6 million years ago. But It is only the fourth largest of the islands with a land area of 562.3 square miles (1456.4 km), and has a fairly small population of around 58,000. Hawaiian locals refer to the island casually as "Garden Isle".

The island of Kauai is volcanic, as are other islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. The island developed as a result of the Pacific plate`s passage over the Hawaii hotspot. The tallest mountain peak on the island is definitely Kawaikini, rising to an elevation of 5243 feet, or 1598 meters.

Here is a simple and basic map of Kauai without any unnecessary details.

Map of Kuai island, Hawaii

This one is a map of Kauai roads

Map of Kauai island

Here`s another good but simple highway map of Kauai island

Hawaii Kauai map

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