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Maps of Scotland

If you need some maps of Scotland then I`m glad you stopped by! Scotland is one of those special places where the people have a true pride in their nationality, in response to their struggles against colonization and subjugation. These days Scotland is part of the UK, but for all intents and purposes it is like its own country in terms of culture and national identity. And Scotland has a devolved government, meaning they have some regional autonomy and the right to make their own regional laws without London`s interference. Hopefully that will continue and Scots will be able to feel in control of their own lives and nation. But the recent referendum showed that many Scots are comfortable staying with the UK.

 Scotland leaving the UK would have drastically changed the map of the country, since Scotland makes up approximately one third of the island of Great Britain. It has a population of around 5,328,000, which is less than 10% of the UK`s population. The largest city is Glasgow, with an urban population of 1.75 million. The capital city, however, is Edinburgh with an urban population of 782,000.

Scotland is known for somewhat gloomy weather, being rainy for long stretches of time and overcast even when it`s not rainy.

The first map of Scotland is this one showing the administrative districts of Scotland.

Map of Scotland`s districts

The next map shows Scotland`s major towns and cities.
Map of Scotland and major towns and cities

The next Scotland map is a roads map showing how to drive around the country, as well as virtually every town and city of significance.

Roads map of Scotland and all towns and cities

Hopefully these maps of Scotland are what you were looking for. I hope you have a great visit to this amazing country!

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