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Map of Jerusalem

Some maps of Jerusalem are down below, focusing on the overall layout of the city and how its different sections link together. As you surely know, Jerusalem is an ancient city of great religious importance, appearing in the Christian and Jewish Bible as well as the Muslim Qur`an. But it is also a dynamic modern city. The heart of Jerusalem is the walled Old City, inside which most of the important religious sites are located. To the West of the Old City lies West Jerusalem, which is the Israeli/Jewish side of the city, and to the East lies East Jerusalem, which is the Arab side of the city which Israel took from Jordan in the 1967 Six Day War. East Jerusalem is becoming more and more mixed with more Jewish housing areas being built there.

This map of Jerusalem shows the old borders of the municipality between 1949 and 1967 (within the red lines --- including the Mount Scopus enclave). After East Jerusalem was seized in 1967, the Jordanian side of the city was annexed but the city limits were also expanded and Israel annexed the newly expanded city.

map of Jerusalem before and after 1967

This map also clearly shows the boundary between Jerusalem`s former Jordanian and Israeli sides.

map showing Jerusalem`s border before 1967

This map shows Israel`s municipal boundaries and where Israelies and Palestinians are currently living. Notice that the Israeli population has grown beyond the pre-1967 Green Line, yet the Palestinian population has not grown beyond the Green Line inside West Jerusalem.

map of Jerusalem`s settled areas

Here is another map showing demographics in Jerusalem, where Jewish and Arab residents live, in and around Jerusalem.

map of Jerusalem Arab and Jewish population

If you are planning to visit Jerusalem, it`s important to orient yourself with these different areas, to understand where the boundaries between East and West Jerusalem lie, and where Jewish and Arab areas border each other. This will help you to navigate the city safely and understand your surroundings at all times. For example, as a lone tourist you don`t want to be mistaken for an Israeli settler in a strictly Arab area. You want to be wearing a big red visor cap and have a camera around your neck that screams "Hey I`m a tourist!" :)

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