Sunday, April 26, 2015

City Map of London

Scroll down to see city maps of London, England that you can download and print out. London, England is a massive city and one of the most important cities in the world. It has an official population of  8,416,535 and a metro area population of 13.6 million. It is the largest municipality in the E.U., even bigger than Paris. It also has the busiest airport system in the world, has the most dense clusters of universities in the entire European Union, and is a global financial and cultural hub. In short, everybody needs to visit London sometime in their life.

Here are a couple of maps showing the overall layout of Greater London, including the surrounding areas like Staines and the area around Heathrow International Airport. You can see the River Thames flowing right through the center of the city.

Map of London City, UK

City map of Greater London

This next one is a street map of London for tourists, scanned from a tourist information center`s map. You can see all the famous attractions in Central London and plan out your travel route accordingly.

Street Map of London City for tourists

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