Monday, April 27, 2015

City Map of Birmingham, UK

Look down below for several city maps of Birmingham, UK (not Birmingham, Alabama!). Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK, after London, and has traditionally been thought of as the UK`s "Second City", meaning the country`s second most important city. But these days it`s a bit of a toss up between Birmingham and Manchester, even though Birmingham is definitely a significantly bigger city. It has a city population of 1,092,330, and a metropolitan area of 3,701,107. The city lies 119 miles (192 km) northwest of London, and the journey by bus takes around 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Birmingham is quite a multicultural city, with only around 58% of the population being white. An additional 27% are Asian (which includes those from the Indian subcontinent), 9% black, 4.5% mixed ethnicity, 1% Arab, and 1% other.

This first map of Birmingham gives us an overview of the metropolitan area, including the surrounding suburban areas and highways into town.

map of birmingham uk metro area
The following two city maps of Birmingham zoom further up close so we can see the routes and streets. It`s one thing to understand the urban layout, but it`s another thing to actually find what you`re looking for.

street map of birmingham city uk

City map of Birmingham UK

I hope these maps are handy for you when researching your trip to Birmingham and planning out your travel route.

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