Monday, February 6, 2012

Tokyo Subway Map

Down below you can find a useful Tokyo Metro map and Tokyo subway map.

The Tokyo subway system is a vast, labrynth-like system that will shock and stun any newcomer on first glance of the line and station map. It is the busiest subway system in the world with 8.66 million passengers riding daily. You may have seen footage on tv of station attendants pushing commuters into packed trains in order to allow the doors to close, during peak hours - particularly the last train of the night.

The Tokyo subway system consists of the Tokyo Metro - a system jointly owned by the Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan government, as well as the Toei System which is owned by the Tokyo Metropolitan government alone. Passengers can transfer between the two systems using pre-paid commuter passes, but those paying cash will have to buy separate tickets for each system. The Metro system features 9 subway lines, featuring 168 stations. It has a daily ridership of 6.33 million. The Toei system consists of 4 lines featuring 106 stations. It has a daily ridership of 2.33 million.

This first one is a Tokyo subway map that includes not only the subway but also the JR Yamanote Line which loops around the city center. This map is useful because the Yamanote line intersects with the subway lines at many stations, and many people transfer between the two systems.

Tokyo Metro Map with JR Yamanote Line

This next one is just a simple Tokyo subway map without the other above-ground trains. If you will only be riding the subway, or your commuter pass is only good for the underground subway lines, then this map will be useful for you.

Tokyo subway map

This last map is a Tokyo Metro map showing the distinction of the Metro System and the Toei System (which is shown in the faded color lines in the background). Functually, they are often referred to together as the "Tokyo Metro" but technically they are separate systems and use a different ticketing system.

Tokyo subway map showing both Metro and Toei Lines

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