Seoul Subway Map

Below you can find a useful Seoul subway map to help you with your travels and commuting.

The Seoul subway system is one of the most heavily ridden rapid transit systems on earth. With 6.77 million riders per day, it is slightly lower in ridership than the Tokyo subway system. It consists of 16 lines in total, with a whopping 546 stations.

The system is like a maze, and just glancing at the Seoul Metro map can cause vertigo. But thank God that all station signs in Seoul are written not only in Korean but also in English. Chinese characters, called Hanja in Korean, are often displayed as well.

Here is a Seoul Metro map in English, useful for travelers and expats.

Seoul Metro Map English

Here`s another Seoul Subway map, showing the same information. But I like the design and layout of this one better. It`s easier to follow this map.

Seoul Subway map

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