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Map of Kolkata-Calcutta

Down at the lower end of the page you can get a good map of Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta.

Kolkata is the principal city in eastern India and is the capital city of the state of West Bengal. It was the former capital of India under British rule until 1911, when the capital was changed to New Dehli because of Kolkata`s somewhat out-of-the-way location in eastern India, as well as separatist sentaments in Bengal. The city declined significantly after Indian independence in 1947.

It is a huge city of 4.5 million people, with 14.2 million in the metro area which includes the surrounding suburbs. Crossing the city in a taxi is an exercise in organized chaos. No wait - just plain chaos. Its sheer size, traffic volume, and anarchic atmosphere are hard to put into words.

Kolkata`s climate is tropical, with distinct dry and wet seasons. Winters are short with relatively mild temperatures. But the operative word there is "relatively", with daily highs in the 20s the norm even in winter. The main difference in winter is that night time and mornings can be cool, in the range of 10-12 degrees celsius.

Map of Kolkata
Map of Kolkata aka Calcutta

Did the map of Kolkata above satisfy your needs? If you need more maps of India and of cities in India, please search the tag for "India Maps" and you will find lots more entries of interest.

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