Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Map of Beijing

Please check down below for a good map of Beijing to enjoy using on your trip to Beijing.

Beijing is the capital city of China as well as a huge metropolis with a massive population of 19,612,368. That makes it the second largest city in the country, with the first being Shanghai. But unlike Shanghai which serves primarily as a financial and commercial center, Beijing is the historical, political, and cultural center.

The name of the city means "Northern Capital", which clearly explains the geographic location of Beijing, situated in the northern part of China, close to inner Mongolia. The climate of Beijing features hot and humid summers, as well as cold, windy, dry winters with daytime highs sometimes below freezing. A

Big Beijing map
Beijing Road Map
Tourist map of Beijing

Thanks for checking this page out and I hope you grabbed yourself a good map of Beijing, China.

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