Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Map of Seoul Korea

You can find a useful map of Seoul Korea down below.

Seoul is the largest city in the nation of Korea, as well as its capital city. It is a megacity on the scale of Tokyo or New York City, with a city population of over 10 million. Its metropolitan area has a population of over 25 million (which includes the nearby large city of Incheon, which shares Seoul`s international airport both in proximity and in name.

Seoul is located in the northern part of South Korea, and has 4 distinct seasons. The summers are hot and humid, with a rainy season in June and July (similar to Japan). Winters are cold and dry, with 28 days of snow per year on average. Averafe low temperatures reach -6 degrees celsius in January, with average highs only 1.5 degrees in the same month.

Here is a map of Seoul in English.

Seoul map English

This one is a map of Seoul labelled in Chinese characters.

Map of Seoul Chinese Characters

This one is a map of central Seoul.

Map of Seoul downtown

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