Saturday, February 4, 2012

Map of Shanghai

Have a look down below for a good map of Shanghai down below.

If we count not metropolitan areas but only cities themselves as independent entities, then Shanghai is the largest city in the entire world. It has a municipal population of over 23 million people. That, of course, also makes it the largest city in China - even larger than the capital city Beijing.

The city is situated in the eastern part of China, in the Yangtze River Delta at the mouth of the river.

Shanghai was a small town until it was opened to foreign trade in 1842 with the creation of the Shanghai International Settlement. This planted the seed for Shanghai to become the financial and industrial powerhouse that it is today, where the financial worlds of east and west meet.

Shanghai has a less extreme climate than Beijing, being located further south. Its climate is considered subtropical, with hot humid summers and cool and wet. Though temperatures below freezing are not the norm and snowfall only occurs once or twice a year. Spring and Autumn are generally warm and pleasant.

Shanghai Map Nanjing Road
Large map of Shanghai for tourists
Street map of Shanghai

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