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Map of West Yorkshire County, UK

If you need a map of West Yorkshire County, then scroll down and take your pick. West Yorkshire is a largely urban county in the UK, with its largest city being Leeds. It consists of five metropolitan buroughs, one of which is the City of Leeds, one is the City of Bradford, another is Calderdale, another is Kirklees, and another is Wakefield. Greater Manchester borders it, lying to the southwest. To the north lies North Yorkshire and Lancashire, and to the south lies South Yorkshire.

The population of West Yorkshire county is 2,227,400. West Yorkshire county does not exactly correspond with West Yorkshire urban area with its population of 1,780,000. That is because some areas of West Yorkshire county are rural farmland which can`t be included as part of a conurbation.

This map of West Yorkshire shows all the regions and towns in the county.
Map of West Yorkshire County UK

This map is an outline map, good if you need to label a custom map yourself or if you want a blank map for a classroom setting.

Outline Map of West Yorkshire County United Kingdom

The following West Yorkshire map shows the county`s main towns and cities.
United Kingdom map of West Yorkshire towns and cities

This map shows the main roads of West Yorkshire as well as the various police districts, which apparently don`t correspond exactly to towns and cities.

Map of West Yorkshire police districts

Hopefully you found a West Yorkshire map up above that suits your purposes. Leave your comments below!

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