Thursday, April 30, 2015

Map of Southampton, UK

Scroll down below for some maps of Southampton, UK. Southampton is a city in the South Hampshire built-up area, and in the tradtional county of Hampshire. It is about 121 km (75 miles) southwest of London. It is also located 31 km (19 miles) from Portsmouth, the other major city in the South Hampshire region. The population of the city proper is only 253,651, but the entire built-up area of South Hampshire has a population of 855,569 which makes it the seventh most populous urban area in the UK. It is an important port city, today mostly for cruise ships rather than freight.

First up here`s a map of Southampton and its surrounding area, including highways leading in and out of the city.
map of southampton and surroundings
This map is unlabelled but shows Southampton`s city limits.

Overview map of Southampton and city limits

This is a Southampton tourist map that shows the major attractions in the city center.

Central Southampton map with tourist attractions

This one is a transport map of Southampton

Southampton map public transportation

Hopefully there`s a map up above which was useful. Let me know in the comments down below!

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